CyberScrub Privacy Suite Review

CyberScrub, Yeah, The Way to "Making it Private".

Submitted by Akingbotolu Olu... on Thu, 2011-06-09 05:25.
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Damn! Setting up is really quick. No time wasting setup. Quite easy workable interface. Really private because it cleans files up neatly.
too much time consumption. Just gets too slow doing the job.

For years, we have tried various ways to neatly clean up those files that have always being written on our computers'memory as we use them. These files are so private that isnt safe to left on the computer memory, because they might be viewed by piracy especially when online or in a network. But at last, with the help of this good software called CyberScrub, we can now automatically removes all the evidences safely and neatly.

This Privacy Suite software is so good that it gives good security for our important documents and secret files with the help of bypassing encoding that leads to piracy hacking

CyberScrub Privacy suite has a damn great functionality that will automatically removes all data streams and thumbs.

Cyberscrub, i must say do the cleaning of data so neatly that, traces of any remove data would be impossible to retrieve. Protecting us from piracy.

The pro also gives a good restore feature.


Ok. the software did what it meant to do, but can get better if improved with more functionality. Also looking in working speed, this should be worked on to reduce time consumption. Finally, i would give average recommendation to anyone who want to get things neatly cleaned up, thus making it private.