Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

Great for copying flash websites you like!

Submitted by mexmarv on Wed, 2011-06-15 09:26.
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Great to get fast knowledge and pics, music or vector images from that great site you like in flash. Can be used as a security tool to see stupid flash code that implements login or even paid by subscription services. Trial version can be used over and over to save 2 objects per session (for small jobs;)
Sometimes the actionscript decoded is hard to follow, mostly to blame original flash .sla code by developers.

Have seen tons of websites that use flash, and I just wanna have that feature on my site. This nifty tool extracts not only the cool image you saw on a site but can't download and copy, but also text, sprites, music and sound effect tracks, and even actionscript (sometimes great if you program flash and just want to know how that cool effect was done). Beware of copyright enfringments you might do if tool is used wrongfully.


Great hacking, extracting, logic of effects teacher utility. If you are smart and have patience, you can use the trial to have one or two things extracted, wait again for demo screen countdown, and extract two more. If your serious, buy the full version, it will save you time in figuring out effect logic, images and music from flash sites. Get it also to do security testing on flash sites that implement some type of security, subscription or encryption of things. Makes you wonder not to leave security to your flash interface.