3D Live Snooker Review

3D Live Snooker review

Submitted by Roliee19 on Thu, 2011-06-16 22:58.
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Well the graphics are pretty well done.I have to emphasize that this game can give the player a real in-game look. So if you have never tried snooker it's time to experience how it feels to hit a ball.
At first sight I thought it would be easy to play with this game but it turned out that for casual gamers like me it's pretty damn hard to get used to the controls. I also miss the bar atmosphere and the music.

Before I tried out this game I thought that even if I'm not a snooker fan i would get to like it more. Then I saw the menu which was OK for me, it contained a lot of options . After choosing a quick match I was astonished by the graphics of the game although the background was a bit creepy for me. I was really disappointed with the sounds. After a few minutes the game started to become monotonous due to the lack of music. Another thing to mention is the controls,I found it hard to hit the ball and I missed the tutorial videos so it was hard to understand how to play the game. All in all I think this game is good for casual fun.


I would recommend this game for snooker fanatics.I think that altough this game has awesome graphics it's not worth to buy, this game is good for casual fun.