AusLogics BoostSpeed Review

AusLogics BoostSpeed Freshen Up Your PC

Submitted by bulldogbomba on Wed, 2011-06-22 13:04.
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Not "heavy", easy to learn easy to navigate, super compact all in one software
As a software that involved with computer system, back up data is a must. Even the disk defragmenting is fast but there is also some certain things it cannot defrag.

For someone who are not satisfied with their pc performance and trying to find software that can enhance it should try AusLogics BoostSpeed. Since using this software I never intend to try installing any other software anymore. AusLogics BoostSpeed not only maintaining but also optimizing my pc. By running disk and registry cleaner it helps me to remove junk files in my hard disk and prevent registry errors.

I play games a lot. Sometimes even my pc meet the requirements of the game, it still lagging even in offline mode. By running registry defrag every time before I start playing it helps my computer to run the games smoothly without any lagging. In fact, this is how I met AusLogics BoostSpeed. Other perks such as memory and internet optimizer, track eraser, disk wiper and many more help me experiencing my gaming life to the max.

For some people who don`t know how to enable disable program that start automatically, this software offer a very easy way to do it. By running Startup Manager I can control every programs that I want to start automatically.

This software capability is much more than this. You should try it to believe it.


AusLogics BoostSpeed never let me down. Very very recommended.