Smarty Uninstaller Review

The smart way to uninstall softwares.

Submitted by AKT on Sat, 2011-06-25 10:23.
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Effective,Nice interface, Assign groups to installations, Forced uninstall, snapshot install/uninstall.
Depending on the softwares installed it might show a lot of broken uninstallations and some time dont show some installed softwares (Hides them)

As we know the windows Add/Remove programs is not always the best when it comes to uninstalling software’s. Want to know why? Even when the software is uninstalled (Using the built in uninstaller) there may be leftover file in the hard disk. Also there may be leftover items in the registry. This is mainly because these files may be created after installing the software and the uninstaller does not remove them.
Smarty Uninstaller is one of the best ways to deal with this problem. It uninstalls the software in four steps.

1. Create a system restore point in case something real bad happens.
2. Run the built in uninstaller.
3. Scan the hard drive and registry for leftover information.
4. Delete the leftover information.

Well, the 4 steps seem too much when compared to just running the built in uninstaller from Add/Remove programs. But it will make sure that the program is completely uninstalled and the uninstallation won’t harm your system.

If you want you can cancel the system restore point creation or disable it permanently from tools menu. One other main feature is that you can group the installed programs into different categories. The default groups are for broken installations. Smarty uninstaller detects possibly broken installations and groups them. If you have a 64bit OS then there will be separate groups for 32bit and 64bit applications by default. The main thing is that you can create your own groups like games, Multimedia, utilities and sort the installations into these groups. It also has a hidden group for installation components which are hidden. But you normally don’t want to use them because when the main software is uninstalled all the components will be uninstalled automatically.

Another feature is that you can create a report of all the installed software. The report will have the name of software, publisher, size, installation path, etc. You can select the report details. The report will be created as a HTML file. It even has the actual icons of the software itself. You can also change the icons displayed in the list with your own icons.

It uses the Ribbon interface and it makes the software easy to use. You can use different colour schemes to suit your taste and also the menu style. It has some additional tools like a Start-up manager, secure delete and a process inspector. It also has the ability to add programs manually, forced uninstall which can also be accessed by using the Explorer right click menu on the exe file, and a snapshot install/uninstall option.

One important note is that when deleting leftover information double chek it. Especially when you have installed multiple softwares from same developer. You dont want to delete your favorite application. don't you?

There are some other features that are not mentioned.


If you are an advanced user who uses/tests a lot of software you will like it. If you are a normal user try something else.