SoundTaxi Professional Review

SoundTaxi Professional Software Review

Submitted by sierram on Sun, 2011-06-26 05:36.
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Very clean user interface. Outstanding Conversion Speed. High quality sound. Can retain the ID3 tag containing the artist name, song title, year, album name, genre and artwork. Converted files can be automatically organized in the same order as the primary ones. Provides various compression levels of your choice that you may personalize based on your particular specifications. ONE click synchronizing button that allow you to you sync the converted music file to iPod. Features an integrated Help file, an online FAQs section and email support.
The support service is reasonably good, however, it seems they can't handle too complicated issues. The software may have capability issues with iTunes and crash upon installation. Only converts DRM protected audio files which has been authorized and audio tracks that can be played on your computer. The trial version has 30-second limit on every converted song.

SoundTaxi Professional is a light and fast application that allows you to convert DRM protected audio files to mp3, wav, and mp4 . It comes with a quite simple user interface that makes very easy for beginners, to utilize the program.


The SoundTaxi Professional software has a neat and clear user interface, with menus and buttons all aligned within the top window. The style and design of the interface function as a guideline that allow users to work with the program quite easily and complete the operations. It is not difficult to install and use, just drag the music files into the software and click "convert". Then select the path for the file. The program also offers an integrated Help file, an online FAQs section and email support. It has powerful editing features that make sure you will get a superior quality audio/visual experience. Throughout the test, the SoundTaxi Professional software proofed to be capable of converting protected music files to .wav, .mp3, .mp4 and unprotected AAC. It also showed a remarkably fast speed by accelerating as much as 40x maximum converting speed. The converted audio file had a very good sound quality, and it can retain the ID3 Tags and the Album Information. The software is also capable of transferring the folder structure of the input audio files to the converted audio files. This is particularly useful feature if the user wants to organize the converted music files in the same order as the original ones. Provides various compression levels for your choice that you may personalize according to your specifications, and allows you to sync the converted music files to your iPod with the ONE click synchronizing button.