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Island Tribe 2 – Do the flaws outweigh the fun this game has to

Submitted by spencaz on Sun, 2011-06-26 23:53.
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After playing the full hour trial of Island Tribe 2 I can certainly say it was certainly an hour not wasted and I had great fun.
So I started the game and soon picked up how the game works thanks to the really helpful tips the game gives and you are completely guided through the first level which is nice as it’s short and sweet.

First impressions: The visuals and sound go well together, the game is really nice to look at and nice on the eyes. The game opens up with a small story which was very mediocre, but this does not matter as you soon learn the back story of the game is about as relevant to the game as the one in bejewelled.

So the objective of the game is to get your little tribe minion to repair, build and collect items within a small map, which gradually gets bigger as you repair and collect items throughout that area. Sounds simple? It is.

So as I battled through the levels the maps began to get bigger and before I knew it I had a few cheeky pirates on my case, that like to destroy and steal my things. But this all adds to the fun element of Island Tribe 2, in which you are clicking around getting your little tribe minion to run around like a headless chicken at your command.


So overall the game really is really fun and I had a great time playing the trial, however I do feel the price of the game and the fact the game is an installation let it down big time. I can certainly say that I would not have even considered installing even the trial version of this game if I wasn’t writing this review. I do feel that Island Tribe 2, although it is a very fun little game does not offer much more than most of the popular Facebook games which don’t require an installation or purchase.