PlanBee Review

Usefull, but hard to understand

Submitted by Daniel M on Sun, 2007-04-29 18:00.
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The lowest price: 62.98$
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Great charts and good looking report generation. When you learn how to use it, it is quite effective.
The interface needs a makeover.

At first when you launch it, the interface throws you 10 feet backwards. It looks so confusing! But if you spend just 25 minutes to play with it, you finally get the idea. When you add items to the task list, you can afterwards add other items as dependancy. After I added a few items and dependencies, I walked on and tried to play with the graphs and report generation. It simply works! With two clicks I had a pretty report ready to print out, with all the information I entered. With even less clicks (1. On the toolbar), I had a Pert (diagram-like) and a Gantt (timeline) chart. The default zooming isn't good, but luckily they put some small "scale" buttons in the upper right corner.

The price itself is not that bad. The program is effective, and it generates good results. Usefull if you work with larger projects and would like some roadmaps on paper.


I have to give this program a 4 because of the charts and the report. The user interface looks horrible, but you can learn how to use it. With these applications, I think its the result that counts, more than how it looks.