MP3 Doctor Pro Review

The Sound Doctor Really Does Heal

Submitted by RibzzyReviews on Thu, 2011-06-30 23:33.
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The lowest price: 26.05$
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Software is really easy to use. It has a large variety of ways that can fix your music. Very good, high quality results.
Some very small, hard to read icons. Only for use on Macs.

The MP3 Doctor Pro is a great software. It's not only great but it is just so easy to use. It allows you to do almost anything you want to the MP3, almost anything you can think of such as cutting the MP3 at certain parts, making the MP3 faster or slower, or even just making it an ounce louder. The MP3 Doctor is a very reliable software meaning that it produces high quality results for your ears. The few flaws of this software is that it is only for use on PC's that have compatibility with Windows XP or Vista. There are also a few icons on the software that are hard to read, especially for people with low vision rates.


If your music is hard to hear, has some profanity you want to cut to you wanting to make the song faster, this is the program you need for HEALING your Music.