Luxor Review

Great time-killer!

Submitted by yalool on Mon, 2007-04-30 10:31.
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Nice graphics, a lot of powerups that make the game even more interesting and gripping. Sometimes the speed change of the spheres when they just appear on the screen or move down a cave, makes the gameplay really thrilling.
Many levels are repeated, thus making the game a little bit boring. Also only two spheres are available in the scarab, thus limiting your choice to definite colors.

Luxor is an excellent puzzle that grippes attention and makes your heart beat each time you shoot a a right colored sphere into the string or you see the stage is almost done. In this game you must destroy spheres by creating matches of 3 or more and prevent them from entering your pyramid.

The game’s plot brings you to the Ancient Greece, where gods rule their people and struggle with each other. Go through cities, ruins, caves, pyramids to meet Set and defeat the god.

The fist levels are quite easy and I thought the whole game will be easy as well. However, as levels passed, Luxor becomes more sophisticated and requires more thinking, quicker actions and stronger decisions.

Powerups in this game are worthy of a special notice. Especially I like lightning that can be perfectly used when the spheres move down the cave. Powerup that removes all spheres of a definite color is also a great help in the gameplay.


Luxor is a fun puzzle game with a great graphics, nice background music and interesting gameplay. It’s worth all the money the developers claim.