Betty's Beer Bar Review

Diner Dash meets the late night crowd

Submitted by rikku11792 on Wed, 2011-07-06 04:40.
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good graphics, fun characters,

Betty's beer bar is a wonderful and funny game that keeps you on your toes but it reminded me alot of Diner Dash. This game is basically taking diner dash and opening it up after flo leaves and betty starts her shift. you will see some funny patrons and its really cool that when they get to drunk you have to serve them coffee and you can see them in a drunken stupor. To me its a controlled version of what a female bartender would have to deal with on halloween. i liked it better than some of the other games i have played (which is alot) to the extent that i didn't stop playing it for 2 whole days! it was exciting but after the first wave of excitement hit it was pretty boring after that. Like watching a scene in a movie on repeat until you stopped it. all in all its a pretty average game.


average game to much like diner dash for me