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BadCopy Pro

Submitted by alex2pb on Mon, 2007-04-30 19:18.
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The lowest price: 35.55$
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Ease of use, can recover form many types of devices
It does not work with all the damaged medias, don't look at it as THE universal solution for recovering. Depending on the damage that the media suffered, some programs will recover the data, some will not.

Although I have tested this program extensively with a couple of damaged medias, I was not impressed with the results. All this program does is to open the media you're recovering from sector-wise.

Then, instead of opening the files individually like Windows Explorer does, it just copies all the sectors it can and replaces the unreadable ones with zeros or any other byte. This means that some recovered files like executables, archives or compressed pictures may never be useable again as they rely on control checksums.

The good thing about this software is that it can open a big list of drive types and devices: floppy, CD, DVD ,Iomega Zip, Jaz, MO disks, and USB flash drives. Also, it is safe to use because the recovered data will be saved to another location you specify.

The price is rather big for the common end-user. I would buy it only if the data I need to recover would be extremely important, because the recovery chances are rather small.


I wouldn't rely too much on this software. The price is pretty big and it may not work with all file types. I think that it's suitable more for uncompressed pictures and documents.