Dungeon Scroll Review

Scrabble vs. Evil

Submitted by Scilian on Sun, 2011-07-10 09:40.
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The lowest price: 13.45$
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Easy to play, strengthens word skills, cheap, stimulating
Unimaginative, repetitive, no storyline, RPG "Themed"

While I wouldnt use the word addictive, I will say that for a half an hour I had some actual fun coming up with words to defeat evil. This game dives right in to the RPG "Theme world", throwing a few scrabble letters at you and placing you in front of either a rat or a spider in front of a wooden door inside a well lit dungeon.
You form a word out of the letters and click the submit button, and the word (depending on how long it is) damages the monster. The longer it taks you to form a word, the more damage the monster does to you. Eventually when the damage becomes too great, you "Fall down" and its game over. This effectively introduces an RPG themed ticking clock into the game.
For every monster you kill you receive score, based on how strong it was and how quickly you killed it. Each monster also refills a part of your health bar. The bar can be expanded when you obtain a permanent power up once in a while, giving you more time to find words.
You use the same set of letters throughout each "Dungeon" or stage, and you cannot use a word more than once, which makes it tricky later on when your facing an enemy that is harder to spell-check to death. Monsters occasionally drop power-tiles, with effects ranging from partially refilling your health (time) to summoning the most powerful word possible, to adding damage or multiplying damage. These stay with you until you use them.
Sometimes at the end of a stage you will be informed of finding a unique item that is completely irrelevant to the game. My personal favorite was Golden Coat Hanger.
This game features no storyline, optional difficulties, online global leaderboards and game preferences. Other than that the graphics are very unappealing and the gameplay is unimaginative and repetitive.
Since the price has dropped to $1.99, and it is available in an app form for the Android/iPhone users, I would say give it a look-up if your looking for a time and score Scrabble kind of game to play while your riding the bus or for a few hours of entertainment.


Unless you live in a country with a ban on books and board games, there are better things out there. Still, it'll kill a few minutes here and there.