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Eagleslots - Martian Munny

Submitted by kyrin on Tue, 2011-07-12 02:18.
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Virtual cash, many prizes, addiction
It’s not free

Martian Munny is a simple slots game, not very hard to play, not to mention you have the fun of your life. I had a lot of fun myself. It was very, very entertaining, and it made me want to try more and more until getting decent results.

I explain you how to play:

First, you have to insert some virtual cash, pushing the $50 or $100 buttons, but you have to register first, otherwise it’ll only add 50 cents.
After that, you push the bet buttons and try your luck. This is a slots game, so it all depends on luck, not expertise.
To improve your chances of winning, you just bet more cash so more rows can be selected.
If you win, you get some juicy prizes that’ll simply pump your heart, and this can happen on and on as long as you still have cash to load the machine. But of course, you can try the roulette and so increase your earnings.
Plus, if you get 3 or more scattered suns during gameplay, you get up to 25 free shots, which may get you free credits. Coolest feature in the game, for everybody loves free stuff.


This game is all about free fun and lots of rewards, without even having the risk of sacrificing something as precious as real money. It is proved that the simplest games are and will always be the best ones ever.