Smugglers 3 Review

A Delight For Sci-Fi Fans

Submitted by hbarnett on Tue, 2007-05-01 06:58.
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Graphics keep you interested in the systems, weapons & people within the game.
Characters & screens are well-rendered.
Sound, although scant, provides a good backdrop for the game without becoming over-powering & annoying.
Grammar errors within the storyline.
The tutorial & help are indirect & at times incomplete.
Battle graphics are severely lacking.

A delight for sci-fi fans, Smugglers 3 introduces a surprisingly refreshing twist to the boundless battle action sequences commonly seen in the majority of downloadable sci-fi games currently on the market.

Based dominantly on text, Smugglers 3 affixes you in one of four factions; each faction consisting of not only different objectives, but different weapons as well. Although you are faced with various objectives, one of the main & more significant is that of trading goods with the various planets you encounter. The trading of goods assists you in the assembly of your funds, which may be used for buying both a better ship & better weapons.

Additionally, you will be addressed with missions that will futher increase your position within your faction, as well as win you medals of honor. The battles encountered in Smugglers 3, though rare, are made up of you & an enemy in a conflict that shows both ships, a proximity meter & special weapons that are available to each.

Without tying you up with unnecessary details, these battles put you in control of all the important factors of the battle. The story draws you in with constant updates as to where your faction lies in regards to the conflict and encounters with other star vessels that help make you feel as though you really are engaged in the conflict. The game also offers amazing depth and development as you continue on, hiring crew and accepting ever more perilous and complicated missions throughout multiple star systems.

The graphics in the game are done quite well and do a wonderful job of keeping you interested in the systems, weapons, and peoples in the game, though they are not the newest 3D graphics available. Each of the characters and screens is very well-rendered, and I think most people will be pleasantly surprised at how well the game looks as the screenshots don't really show it off very well. The sound is rather scant, but what is there is exceptionally well done. It helps provide a good backdrop for the game without becoming over-powering or annoying.


Conclusively, those who enjoy space simulations along the lines of Master of Orion or Starlines INC. should give Smugglers 3 a try. It is a different angle on the space sim, and one that works extremely well. I think most people who play the demo will find themselves wanting for more, and with good reason! Smugglers 3 is a game that delivers a high-quality gaming experience that is well worth the money spent!