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Clash'n'Slash by Reflexive Games

Submitted by Adriankato on Tue, 2011-07-12 16:19.
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Chaotic and frantic gameplay, cool graphics, nice space landscapes in the background, lots of upgrades for the spaceship and planet
Somewhat repetitive for todays standard hyper-diversity in games , even with the upgrades

Clash'n'Slash is a classic space fixed-shooter with accelerated 3D graphics.

The earth is the centre of the universe (take that Galilei!) and we're
protecting it with our spaceship clock and anticlockwise with our
mouse controlled spaceship.

Hordes of alien UFOs mean to invade old poor mother earth from all sides, our mission is to protect it with heavy firepower.
We'll have at our disposal 6 upgrades for each of our weapon, armor and the planet we' re shielding; they build up gradually.

There are in total 60 levels. As we proceed further in the game,
making the right choices of which upgrades we choose to implement will be a core part of our strategy as the number of enemies on
screen will increase exponentially.
I hate to admit it, but this game got me addicted.

And that is for just a reason, really:

cool massive on screen explosions.

More enemies as we go = more explosions.
More weapon upgrades + more enemies (keep 'em going!) = more and more explosions!

Behind the initial fake monotony hides a total mayhem, from
level 6 onward the game becomes quite exhilarating.

The game delivers in the end more than it promises at first look.
Good thing indeed!

A major downside would be the lounge spacey music being too loungy and not enough spacey for my taste. Doesn't combine well with the chaotic environment.

On the other hand, the other remaining drum'n'bass tracks in the game are quite neat and a perfect match for the gameplay.


If you're with the old school shooters and prefer quantity of enemy spaceships over the diversity of levels (ufos coming in, then more of them coming, repeat), this game may be for you.