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Infix PDF Editor

Submitted by Michael odebo on Thu, 2011-07-14 21:09.
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with Infix PDF Editor you can be confident that your edits will be undetectable.
I strongly recommend this most versatile and very easy to use PDF tool.

For the first time, a PDf word processor which is Infix PDF Editor as made it possible to edit PDF text using tools familiar to anyone who uses a word processor.

Infix PDF Editor is designed to carry out varieties of functions like, editing PDF, rewriting text and replacing images. Infix PDF Editor easily edit the text in your PDFs, re flow and justify, change fonts, colours and sizes. Infact making use of Infix PDF editor, you can avoid all that effort and just reuse the existing PDF..........Not only can you edit whole paragraphs with Infix PDF Editor, you can as well edit text across columns and pages.

Infix also includes the kind of professional qualities found in packages such as Adobe,InDesign and so ensure your edited documents look their best.

Infix PDF Editor as well enhance the built-in Search & Replace facility,flow text around images in which you enable you to edit text that flows around graphics while maintaining the original run-around shape.The image replacement function also enables you to replace any existing image with one from your hard-drive.

I choose the Infix PDF Editor because it has more options than any of the others in existence, even more than the expensive Adobe.

TRY it yourself and see!


As you guessed, I strongly recommend this most versatile yet easy to use PDF tool, and you can download it to utilize it for free for a whole month just to try it out and decide whether you want to keep using it or not.