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Infix PDF Editor Better then expected

Submitted by intelligentxx on Fri, 2011-07-15 22:41.
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Easy set up and 100% secure,free document covert and spellcheck, modify PDF, quick start up, full control
Update reminder, not all features included in free package, price

I will explain and judge this software in the most simple way that is understandable by any type of reader.

There are three versions of the Infix PDF Editor.
standard edition
price: $99
professional edition
price: $59 if you switch from standard however full price when downlaoding it on its own is $159
form killer
price: free

So here I have shown you the different types and if you are still unsure then you should have a free trial where you can try out all of the versions then later on you can choose which one you want and you can judge the different advantages by yourself but now I will give you some disadvantages and advantages of this software.

It lets you edit the documents of PDF which at first I thought was impossible and this has software has really been useful for me because it allowed me to edit my school PDF documents otherwise I would had to print it out but I was more comfortable doing it on the computer. The other very useful featuere was that it allowed me to convert any document to PDF. I converted RTF in PDF in seconds. So having this software meant that I did not had to use any other converting software.
The spellcheck that it offered is for 20 and more languages therefore I could check whenever I was mistaking because this was not possible before however with this software it is.
I would say the set up of the software and the downloading process takes no more than 4 minutes or even less depending on the speed of your computer.
At the end of your download, the Infix PDF Editor Icon gets displayed where it is most accessible and then you can start already using the program and there is no wait.

I would recommend if you are in a professional sector that you download the Infix PDF Edito rprofessional edition because it is more beneficial and allows you to use even more features however students are better of getting the standard edition because it is affordable and it can be of very use for any school or university project.

The only disadvantages that I came across were that it keeps sending you updates for newer versions althought they meant it good, it still gets annoying but I would say this is not really a major disadvantage.
The other disadvantage is the price because to have full control you and be allowed to use all the features you need to upgrade to standard Infix PDF Editor standard edition. You cannot edit existing ttext such as a PDF document that you open from the internet. This cannot be edited in the free version therefore you need to pay $99 to abe allowed features such as these however if you do not have the cash and still want to benefit from this then just download the form filler.


Infix PDF Editor is a must have and if we weight the pros with the cons we can see that it does not really have many cons but it has got the best features a software could have such as when editing the PDF you can even paste pictures from the internet. Amazing product just see for yourself by downloading the trial version.