Cute Reminder Review

Cute Reminder - A pretty good product

Submitted by moneymaker1029 on Fri, 2007-05-04 03:05.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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*Easy interface *Easy to use *Easy to install *Capable of being uninstalled quickly *Effective for keeping track of things
*Message boxes can take up possible icon room

Cute reminder is an average "reminder type program".

Upon installation which is very easy, and a quick read of the help file the product is ready to go.

The product fits easily on your desktop. It allows you to create text boxes on the desktop, to keep track of things. The "toolbar" stays at the right of the screen, and is visible by a orange bar. Hovering over the bar will result in it expanding, showing your options. The bar is easy and upfront to understand. It is average to look at, nothing too amazing. The bar has four options, Idea, Note, Reminder, and Control Center. Reminders, Ideas, and Notes are all visible through different color text boxes. It's also very easy to edit these boxes. The control button offers much more detailed ways to edit reminders. You can set messages to come up and go away during different times, and get an easy look at the whole layout.

All in all, this is a great program if it was free. And an average program for the price.


All in all, if you want a good and easy to use reminder program, and are planning on spending money, I would suggest buying this. If you are tight with your money, or just looking to casually keep track of things here and there, I wouldn't say it's worth it.