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Kitchen Brigade

Submitted by Ally04 on Fri, 2011-07-22 03:55.
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realistic, fun, good graphics
fast paced (not for newbies), irritating music in background

After playing kitchen brigade for an whole hour I realized a few things. It has the items that make a cooking game fun like cooking your own food but it also gives you the option of letting the characters on the game cook it for you.
The graphics are excellant, they catch your attention without being too overwhelming.
However the music in the background is slightly irritating and distracting from the games sounds effects. To me a good cooking game is partly cause of the sound effects the food makes when you cooking it, it makes you feel like you're in a real kitchen. In order to enjoy the game more you would have to turn it down if not completely off.
The game itself is fast paced so if you're not an experience gamer with cooking games then you might want to use a desktop computer or an laptop with a mouse. The mouse allows you to move faster (chopping, smashing etc.)


I would definiately buy this game and play it until I end it but probably wouldn't play it after that