Midi Maestro MM4 Review

Quick and Easy Midi Software with Professional Capabilities.

Submitted by Steve Slater on Wed, 2011-07-27 15:37.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy to use and more than enough tools and devices to create high end sounds.
Takes a bit of manipulation and editing to get richer tones.

The Midi Maestro MM4 is another program that can be added to a long list of quality midi software. Entering at $89.95, Maestro MM4 is a lot cheaper than the market heavy weights such as reason and logic however it does not sacrifice operations and capabilities.
First things first the program, as you’d expect, was simple to install and had an easy to use setup wizard. On first start, there was very little automated first time use instruction but the help tool is simple enough to locate and use.
Compared with other Midi creator software, the sound banks are limited and lack in quality but it must be remembered you normally pay for what you get here and the tools that are available are still more than enough to create high end sounds but perhaps a little more tweaking is needed from the user to get richer tones.
The simple things make the program a good purchase. The metronome can be manipulated without any trouble and has a smooth sound rather than a harsh tick like other competitors and tracks can be colour coded to make editing easier. I would suggest the software is better for editing rather than creation.
Cues are also colour coded and the waveform and visualisation features are strong but I could see these features being hard to get to grips with for beginners as there’s little instruction and tips. All in all, if the user is willing to spend some time messing around with the program they should stumble across some good tools and devices and find the program more than enough to satisfy a “bedroom artist”.


I can't help but think they're better choices on the market. Program's such as reason may be more suited to creating a well-rounded project.