PaintBuster Review

Simple, yet complex, however not worth the price.

Submitted by BroadHero on Mon, 2011-08-01 08:56.
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The lowest price: 35$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Simple, yet many options. Good for beginners and veterans.
Too much money, for the program that is it.

After messing around with PaintBuster for a good hour, I was very happy with the program. The UI is simple, clean, and you're not going to have much trouble finding the tool you need. Even if you're brand new to painting programs, you wont really have much trouble with this.

The program however was a little slow for me. Taking a little bit to load certain things, did make me a little annoyed, however if you're a beginner with paint programs you shouldn't mind it. If you're looking for a program for making a lot of logos, designs, or banners, this program may not be your best option, since it is a little overpriced at $30. I'd rather go buy photoshop from adobe for $99.

Some Pros I noticed;

-PaintBuster has great color choosing. When choosing a color you will see 4 boxes at the bottom. The bottom right is the main color, there are 16 main colors to choose from, then you can change them how you like with the other boxes. Directly above the 16 main colors is the darkness bar. If say on the 16 color bar you choose blue, with he darkness bar you can go from white, to blue, to black and every color in between those. It's that's not enough for your color you want, there are still 2 boxes. On the bottom left there is almost another darkness bar, however it's much more dragged out. Giving you even more options for it's contrast. Above that bar has all the color, just melted together, if you wanted to choose a color in between a main one. then tweak it to your liking.

-Picture Saving is a big deal for any program. You need to have several options to choose to save your image in. As posted above it says you can save in 8 different formats. This is perfect if you're looking to share the file. Some websites wont except certain types and neither will some programs, however with this many choices you will be able to use your picture on 95% of what you're looking to use it for.

-All of the options. With PB, you're going to find all your main options and more. Your basic tools such as just a paint bucket, and a pencil, to cropping and transparency. This option comes in handy for high quality images.

To sum it up. The program is great for beginners and veterans, it's easy to figure out, yet has many more options than other programs. There are not many programs like this. However, it is overpriced. I'd pay no more than $10 for this program to be honest. If you're looking for a good editing program, either go with, which is free, or Photoshop. Im sticking with, and I rarely use PaintBuster for editing and creating. Photoshop would be more for veterans with paint programs, so go with first, get used to it, then buy photoshop.

If the program were like $8 or so, It would be a great paint program I would recommend to anyone. So, buy it? Ehh, I'd wait for the price to drop for now.


I don't recommend buying it, stick with and if a veteran with these programs, and computer painting, go with photoshop.