Note Pager Pro Review

Note pager pro the easy pager

Submitted by lovakr on Wed, 2007-05-09 20:30.
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very easy setup wizard
very windows 2000 style program

This is a very usefull program.For someone who is every day behind a computer and needs to page or text-message everyone.

This program is like any other program something you will need to get used to but when you get the hang of it.

You can do a lot with this program and at some moments it even reliefs you because you can shedule the messages you have to send.For example you are sitting at your desk and you remember you have to page someone in ten minutes but your secretary comes in and says that you have an important meeting.Well you just shedule the message and problem solved.


This is a very good program if you work behind a computer and you have to sms or page someone every day.