MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Good but could be better

Submitted by tarun on Sat, 2011-08-06 00:09.
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-Normalization and equalization work great -Lots of features
-Crashes -Doesn't work well with large collections

When I first downloaded MP3 Doctor I was most looking forward to using the normalizing feature. I used to use MP3Gain to normalize my MP3s. Unfortunately MP3Gain hasn’t been updated in about 2 or 3 years. I have a large music collection--about 13000 files. I added my entire music folder and MP3 Doctor appeared to be adding my files. I waited for a few minutes and tried to click on the process button but the software had crashed.

I launched MP3 Doctor again and tried to add about 100 songs and I was successfully able to normalize and equalize them. I like the fact that MP3 doctor lets me select different presets for equalizing. I use the "Soft" preset. However I was confused about what difference between "Soft" and "Soft1" presets was.

The new karaoke mode that the software boasts sounded really exciting but I was not able to figure out how to use it. The help in this software is almost non-existent. There is no built in documentation for MP3 Doctor. The only "help" I was able to find was an FAQ on the MP3 Doctor website. So I tried to figure out how to use the karaoke mode myself but I was unsuccessful. But I was able to successfully re-encode some audio books I had to 64 kbps. I had been meaning to do this for a while since they were taking up too much space on my MP3 player. I also like the fact this software lets me pick the destination directory for processed files. These are both features that my old software (MP3Gain) doesn't have.

Like a lot of people I have an iPhone and am forced to use iTunes. From what I understand the normalization feature in iTunes only works on the iPhone itself. Whenever I use other software like Winamp I am forced to keep adjusting my volume.

After processing some more MP3 files I was able to notice a difference in the volume when I was playing music through Winamp. I had to do this process in batches though.


I was impressed by the features but the implementation needs improvement. A help system needs to be added and there are issues with crashing that need to be addressed.