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MySlideShow: Works good but Not Finished Yet!

Submitted by vlad1470 on Sun, 2011-08-07 02:19.
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The lowest price: 21.6$
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This software has built in DVD burner, which is convinient for most users. It creates output slide shows as standalone executable (.exe) files or screen savers.
MySlideShow doesnt have a timeline, so you cant allign diffrent types of background music with diffrent pictures. Also it does not include a built in picture editor.

To start this rewiew I would like to mention that I have bought this software and I have used it to make slideshows with it.
When I installed and opened MySlideShow, my first impression of it was really bad: the design of it was confusing and the overall features were limited. I have broken up my rewiew into these sections:

Design: The design of the program was unpleasant to look at and it looked like it was made in the early 2000s. Although it is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, it looks like this software was mainly deleloped for Windows XP. Some buttons on the taskbar were not working ("Create New" Button didn't work when it was clicked on). It was difficult to find the pictures that I wanted to use and the softwere did not include a "search" option.

Features: As I menioned this software doesn't have the the "search option". Also some features are not compatible with some types of images like .BMP and .TIFF.

From other buyer's points of view, i think this software is not for professionals because it only has the basic features and not for beginers because the menus and the design would be quite confusing for them. In my opinion this software is for "avarege level of knowledge about picture and video disign" users.

The online support section on the software website ( was OK but it didn't look professional. Also they didn't include "further information" like support telephone number or a .pdf manual.


In my opinion MySlideShow is not the best software on the market but it does the job. It has design problems and glitches but it supports most image file types. I pearsonaly don't use it and I personaly recommend for buyers to look for a better slideshow editor. Also in my opinion this software is overpriced and not finished (This version of it should have been relased as a BETA version) because some things are not worked up to perfection.