Dropheads Review

Well Done, But Seen Before

Submitted by kataline8 on Thu, 2007-05-10 02:53.
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Smooth Gameplay, Cute Music, Easy to Learn,
Excessive Annoying Popups, Unoriginal,

INTERFACE: The interface was a little rough on the full screen mode, but looked much better when it was minimized slightly. The heads were quite cute, however the animation got kinda annoying and distracting after a while. If I had bought this, I think I would have would liked to disable the animations of the heads when they drop. I actually love the animation when they jump off the screen after your done with the level.

GAMEPLAY: When you click a head that isn't on the top of the column, the pop-up is incredibly annoying. Especially on the higher levels, it really gets me off track. I would keep the pop-up on the first level though because it was a good way to learn how the game worked.

OTHER: The Option menu is very intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, I really like how if you click out of the game it pauses it.

CONCEPT: The idea of the game is quite similar to hundereds of other games out there. I don't think that I would spend any money on this game. I think for this game to really be successful, it needs to stand out better from the other games out there. A storyline or something might make it standout a bit better.


I wasn't very excited when I first downloaded Dropheads, however it pleasently surprised me. Although Drophead has pretty classic rules, it was mostly quite well done although I don't think I would ever buy it.