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Eagleslots Game

Submitted by teennamarie on Thu, 2011-08-11 05:32.
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You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
They do have alot of games to choose from. A nice variety and some look interesting.
Although they look like fun; I would still have a hard time paying for these games at $9.95 each. That is way too much.

I didn't get past the first screen. I couldn't read part of it. they need to change the color scheme. On the left side is a selection of games. It is in RED and the writing is a BLUE. THe colors clash and I cannot read it. So i click on the top of the screen and select "shop". The background is BLACK and the writing a deep BLUE; not too bad to the eye for reading; however, not easy; the words start to blurr. OK, they want $9.95 to download these games. SO I looked at a couple; I didn't download any. They did not appeal to me. I've been to better websites to play slot machines that look more real and fun. None of them offer a free trial. I don't want to download or order a game I'm not going to like. They would do better to make them available on a trial bases; so many free pulls or load some play money on the machine to play to see if you are even going to like the slots. BUT still I can't see paying $9.95 per game. Maybe a membership type would be better; or offer a one time fee to down load so many for X amount. Or pay a membership with a free trial to see if you even want the game; and then pay monthly to play or yearly, quarterly, etc. If I were surfing the net for slots to play i would definitely pass on this one.


Overpriced. I know that when this person or person created these slots they all basically use the same program to run but with different pictures. I see these all the time and have played some. They aren't all that great. This is why I can't see paying $9.95 for EACH 'machine' to play. Way too much for me.