Dropheads Review


Submitted by pedro1191 on Thu, 2007-05-10 23:48.
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Very addictive with easy gameplay
May get you into trouble!

Whether your 5 and looking for a new game to distract you away from action man,or 33 sat in an office trying to distract yourself away from that work you just know you should be doing but somehow doesn't seem appealing, you will most likely be addicted to these little smiling faces falling down your screen for hours.

Before this there was tetris,and then a bunch of similar games to tetris, and then there was bejewled (you know, that one where you swap the different colours or shapes to match them up and make them disappear) and then since then there has mainly been copies of these games in different formats. Well now the two have been combined. Not only have they been combined,they have been combined well. The game has a great concept which will ease you in at first and then have you clicking madly trying to keep the top faces from crying!

Or if your tired and not really in the mood for too much thinking and just want a nice easy game there is always the strategy mode. Very similar to the arcade mode but the board doesn't fill up so you can empty it it at your own pace,a nice way to start your day i find!

Whichever mode you go for i will just warn you one thing: watch out for your boss because you could be playing for quite a while!


Definately worth playing, i enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone who is in the mood to relax.