Spyware Doctor Review

Have an eye which can protect your pc

Submitted by eng88mahmoud on Mon, 2011-08-15 16:40.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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its easy to use as it has a good interface, reliable, give you the place where the infections get from so you can delete this program ordeal with it.
make the pc slow while scanning, no trail version can put you in a full protection you must get the full version to remove all the tricks you have in your pc.

I used this program for a long time, it's a good tool to clear your pc from tricks which may be in cookies and some websites, also can be safe while using it from any attacks on your pc as it's a good firewall also from any hackers.

some of its advantages:
*easy to use
*have a good interface
*have updates with the last database to protect your pc from any tricks

have fatal disadvantage which is slowing your pc while scanning and when removing any trick you have, also you must have the full version to remove all the harmful cookies or Edwards that you may have as the trial version is not a complete one for the protection.


its a guard for you and your pc from any tricks you may have on the internet, don't use its scan tool while using ur pc as it will be slow.