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Filemonkey, a poorly designed GUI for the command prompt

Submitted by sammy324 on Tue, 2011-08-16 17:47.
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- Decent for power users of the command prompt - Help page on their site can be useful - Stable
- Ugly and confusing interface - Seems like it was quickly and inefficiently made - Much better products with more features and much better interfaces out their

When opening this software for the very first time, you will no doubt realize its own GUI isn't exactly good looking. Hardly better than the command prompt itself. It looks very unpleasant to say it nicely. Regardless, whats important in software is the functionality. So let's take a look.

There is no absence of options in this program and allows multiple ways of looking at your files. Unfortunately, when changed to the icon view,the program puts no spaces between the icons. That means everything is just mashed on top of each other, which makes it impossible to see what file you have clicked on. Also the gray background on which the files are shown is a bad choice.The top row of icons looks terrible and there is a huge unnecessary space before the icons. All around this program looks like it was made completely in a hurry.

Not everything is negative though, attributing and appending text onto files is somewhat useful.Options like custom batch jobs and encryption/wiping of data are all included. Still the functionality is ruined by the interface. It's just very hard to understand exactly how to do even the simplest of things. For a lot of power-users these tools could useful. The program was stable all throughout any of the procedures it offered.

I would highly recommend that normal users stay away from this program because it is simply irritatingly confusing and ugly. For power users of the command prompt, who already know there way around, it could have some moderately powerful and time-saving uses.


This program is not worth the 22 dollars, although useful for advanced windows users, it doesn't hold a candle to its sometimes even cheaper competition. It's best to save your money on this software and look somewhere else.