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Youdagames: FBI Paranormal Case

Submitted by DynastyMerc on Wed, 2011-08-24 00:14.
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Graphics, Story, Variety of diffrent mini-games
Download, Repetitive, Little Replay value

FBI Paranormal Case is a game I would not reccomend to gamers who prefer more action oriented games. The game was not bad ,but the gameplay was repetitve. The only players who would like the game would be those who are die hard fans of puzzle games. After playing FBI Paranormal Case for about thirty-minutes nonstop, I was ready to exit the game. Even though I wanted to stop, I did not and I got to see the variety of minigames that the game had to offer. The mini-games they had got to be boring after the first three. My personal opinion of the game would be its terrible and I will never play it again, but if you like puzzle games I encourage you to download the free trial because it is one of the few puzzle games that has a story and amazing graphics.


FBI Paranormal Case is a game for die hard fans of puzzle games. It has good graphics, an interesting story, and a variety of minigames.