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Youdagames: World Domination 2

Submitted by Drifty on Wed, 2011-08-24 21:01.
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Decent graphics, fun and addicting, wide variety of attacks.
lack of scenario.

Youdagames made yet another addicting game, this time a turn based strategy: World Domination 2, The remainder of the first part. The point of the game is to destroy all your opponents (which you can choose at the start of the game), so you can have World Domination. Sounds easy enough right?

A good thing about World Domination 2 is, that it works perfectly on almost every computer, without requiring too much! When you open the game, you can choose the shape and the color your buildings, your flag color, the game's difficulty and you can even choose your enemies. You can choose out of 3 difficulties and 19 enemies. Once again, that's all optinal, you can also go straight to the game.

The game uses an overhead 2D view and a pretty detailed map, with a frame around it with the options you can use the next turn. Unfortunately, it has absolutely no scenario or story in it, or any other game modes, which was quite a disappointment for me. The whole game can be played using only the mouse.

The game is very fun and addictive, and will easily help you through a couple of hours. Altough it has no scenario, you'll be challenged enough with strong enemies, good tactics, many different styles and a wide variety of attacks, including: spies, suicial bombers, tanks, soldiers, planes, rockets and even an satelite attack! But i got to warn you, if you play it too much, it won't be as fun anymore.

Also, if you don't understand this game, there's a useful help system to help you out.


World Domination 2 is a good game, which will work on almost every computer, is very addicting, but if you play it too much, you won't like it anymore.