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Youdagames: Lemonade Millionaire

Submitted by DynastyMerc on Thu, 2011-08-25 00:55.
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Interesting music, Fun
Not addictive, perform same actions through out game, Random crashes

Lemonade Millionaire is a lemonade stand simulaton game. It plays exactly like Lemonade Tycoon. If you haven't played or heard of Lemonade Tycoon, all you do is run a lemonade stand and choose the recipe and various other optons to make your stand succsessful. Although the two games play the same, Lemonade Millionaire is free. During my time checking the game out I was suddenly dropped from the game and forced to restart. I was not able to confirm whether it was the game or my computer. The game is fun but I don't think it is very addictive. The game makes a excellent attempt to be just like Lemonade Tycoon but it has a few bugs like crashing randomly. I would not reccomend this game to someone who's trying to find a fun game to play for a decent amount of time. You can find Lemonade Millionaire on Youdagames.


Fun doesn't last long. Not reccomended.