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Youdagames: Final Fortress

Submitted by ntodd585 on Thu, 2011-08-25 17:14.
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Long levels
Graphics are below average, generic arcade/online game, pricey for this kind of game

Youdagames' Final Fortress is a game where you defend locations with a cannon controlled by the player, along with additional cannons that are controlled by A.I. that do specific jobs and perks. Youdagames charges $6.95 for the game, or you can play in the browser (a free downloadable trial is available as well). For the full "Premium" version, you must buy.

At first, the game seems a little odd, but it does have that classic online game feel. The graphics in the game are not the best, and there is definitely room for improvements in that area. The sounds that the attacking units make are annoying and monotonous. They could have been more life-like for sure, instead of the same, general noise of a car the entire time the unit is in play. There was not any errors or issues with the game that I could find. The levels are longer than I anticipated, and if you really like the game, I could see you playing every level and enjoying it.

The problem I find with this game, is that it is absolutely a generic arcade/online game. There is not anything special that would drag me to this game. If you do like this type of game, it does feature long levels and can keep you busy for hours.


Overall, I do not think I would recommend this game due to price and it is cognate to a lot of other online games.