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Youdagames: Rail of War

Submitted by ntodd585 on Thu, 2011-08-25 19:40.
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10 long levels, 6 trains
Hard to figure out, not addictive, expensive for this type of game

Youdagames' "Rails of War" is a game where you need to control and protect a train as it makes its way threw the level. You can add more train cars with weapons on them to help destroy enemies, as well as change the main train car. The game is $6.95 for the full version, which allows you to play with all the additional train cars and levels. There is a trail you can play in browser as well as downloadable. The game features 6 "War Trains," 10 levels, and 5 different scenery to play in.

This game is beyond confusing at first, and the objective of this game is very unclear. There are guides that help you threw the menus and levels, but they do not fully explain what everything does. Trying to navigate through the menus are easy, but like I previously said, it is hard to figure out what all of the additions to the train do. I found it difficult to play the game for more than a minute without having my train destroyed. Though, if I had learned more of the controls and what-not, I thought I could have actually gotten passed the first level. This game just is not a good game.

I thought I would like this game when I was reading the description and looking through the pictures, but they are deceiving. This game is comparable to "Final Fortress" (another Youdagames game), except for you are moving in the train and the objectives/upgrades are a little different. The graphics are just as bad in this game as "Final Fortress." The menu graphics of the trains do look good, though.


I would not recommend this game because of the difficult interface as well as high price.