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EditPlus: Very fast and simple

Submitted by ntodd585 on Thu, 2011-08-25 22:38.
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The lowest price: 27$
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Beyond fast, not very large, browsing directory
No JAVA support, as well as a few other languages, there is free software that does the same thing

After a few hours of working with this software, I found a few things that a really do make it stand out from free software.

1. It is super fast, but on the contrary, it isn't a huge program either. It loads in seconds on Windows 7.

2. When opening a very large file of my website, it took EditPlus just a few seconds before I was editing it.

3. The search tool is outstanding; searches entire documents in little to no time.

4. The browsing directory is a very effective way to open up another document to edit without leaving the page you are currently editing. It also acts as a reference for where some files were located throughout my website.

5. URL highlighting was another great tool that made editing a lot easier.

If there is anything that is wrong with this program, its that it does not support JAVA and a few other software languages. Before this program, I did have a free program I used. It supported just about every single language I could possibly need.

If you are looking into this product, and you have a few dollars to spend, this is a great tool to buy. I also believe this is a great tool for beginners as well because it has many features that do make editing easier and less time consuming. If you do not mind waiting for things to load, and you need a wider range of languages, I recommend finding a different software. For me, I will be sticking with this one.


This product is great. It is light and very fast, I would recommend this to anybody.