Alien Shooter Review

Old school and hardcore

Submitted by a1ta1r10 on Sun, 2011-08-28 12:05.
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Easy to pick up and hard to complete. Variety of weapons and equipment.
Graphics outdated.

Created by young developers from Sigma Team this mindless arcade shooter starts raw, gives you little time to learn and gives your reflexes a workout.
Story is rudimentary. You start game by entering military facility, with the mission to kill anything in sight. To progress through the game player must complete various types of conditions like finding explosives or turning power on. First few levels are pretty easy, but that doesn’t last long. Within a first twenty minutes of game you will face first horde of enemies that surely will be remembered. After that difficulty will be running up to hill for the rest of the game. But no worries there because you will be getting a one huge amount of firepower to back you up. Besides standard weapons like pistols, shotgun and rocket launcher you get to use more exotic equipment like freezer, plasma gun and your own droid. All this equipment can be found throughout the game or can be purchased from store that you have access to between levels.
This game uses 2d graphics which are outdated, so even old pc can run it. There are some strong points regarding physics and game uses dynamic lightning, but this doesn’t stand up to nowadays graphics standards.
This game is simple from the mechanics perspective, but it’s a gift for those who likes their abilities tested.


If you are tired that modern day games playing without your involvement, this game will remind you how is that feel to earn your victory.