Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Beer Bar is a nice little game

Submitted by boshweta on Sun, 2011-08-28 19:01.
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The job of a bartender is one of the more interesting because the contact is consistent with the public and especially directed. As every job has its pros and cons, and a bar full of patrons who ask to drink is one of the most difficult to manage. In the role of Betty serve beer you request as soon as possible even without missing an order
The mouse is the only controller: with the pointer and choose the actions to do with left from the start. Do not forget to wash the mugs used otherwise you will not know how to serve beer!

Betty's Beer Bar is a nice little game graphics arcade where, in the role of Betty, you have to do a better job of your bartender. Basically, you serve the beer as fast as possible to customers, filling the jars lined up on tables in the bar.
For every customer you have to take a mug, fill it with beer, and deliver it, and if you ask you will also get the glass and fill it once or twice. When a customer satisfaction will rise from behind the counter you need to get the glass, wash it and make it available to the next customer ... and all this do not forget to collect the tips! So how many customers will be able to serve without making mistakes, and in time?


You can choose your difficulty level to keep the game challenging at any time. It also includes a game tutorial so you'll be playing in no time! You can also play in several modes - including play, "The Challenges of the history mode, complete with level cute scenes. And if you feel like competing after your account in our online scoreboard.