Luxor Review

Luxor, Soon to be as Ancient as the Pyramids because of Zuma

Submitted by ledzep4rock on Tue, 2007-05-15 00:41.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Very Addictive, Great Gameplay, Fun to play
Repetitive Levels, So-so Music Soundtrack, More expensive than Zuma

Both the games "Luxor" and "Zuma" are action filled, puzzle games. They each require the player to aim colored balls at their target: the same color ball that is being shot. the object is to hit two or more consecutive same colors. Both games are derived from either Egyption or Aztec Ancient legends.

There are a few major differences though. Luxor- the game is actually more expensive than Zuma in many stores and sites where they can be purchased. Also, Zuma has many different varieties of levels, as apposed to Luxor, where each level seems to be just like the previous one. Zuma has many different backrounds and pictures of Aztec Ruins, not to mention, much better music than Luxor.

Both games are also great for any age. They are great alternatives to violence games, yet, just as fun and addictive as them. The games challenge your mind against the balls. You have to find the best area to shoot your balls to achieve victory. The games are excellent.


Zuma and Luxor are the same exact games, except for the fact Zuma is slightly better. It is cheaper (usually) and also has better gameplay and levels. Also the music is a bit better.