Xeno Assault 2 Review

Xeno Assualt 2

Submitted by ayajul on Thu, 2011-09-01 12:32.
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Good graphics
A bit basic

This space-shooter reminds us of a souped-up, more addictive version of the classic Galaga. In terms of concept, Xeno Assault II mimics the tried-and-true formula honed by other games in this genre. You blast away at a horde of incoming martians, who often line up in formations before they attack you. It s also wise to keep your eyes our for special weapons, which can make destruction more efficient, and asteroids, which can damage your ship. For this sort of game Xeno Assault II s graphics are quite impressive, and we especially enjoyed the different colored galaxies that appear on various levels. The sound effects are equally polished, but you can turn them down if you find them distracting. The rest of the feature set isn t huge, but you can select from three difficulty levels and play in windowed mode. Still, we do think that the 30-minute trial period is too short and may not give some users enough time to decide whether the game is worth buying. However, if you like space-shooter style games, this one should definitely be somewhere on your list.


Overall really good game.