Gutterball 2 Review

Gutterball 2

Submitted by ayajul on Thu, 2011-09-01 12:38.
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Addicting game.
Only 5 lanes.

I am almost 100% sure that you have never played a bowling game as fun and interactive as Gutter ball 2. This game has amazing three dimensional graphics and some very original and out of this world bowling alleys. You can choose to play in one of five different bowling alleys, but each one of them has something you will never forget for sure. First of all Gutter ball is a very wacky bowling game, you will certainly not be playing with your standard bowling balls and alleys. You can choose from up to 25 different bowling ball designs, each of which has different characteristics that will help you get a perfect 300 score. If you are not completely satisfied with any of these bowling balls, you can always use the new feature in Gutter ball 2, which gives you the opportunity of designing your very own bowling ball, with its own and unique characteristics. The bowling alleys are based on fantasy themes and some of them are not easy at all. The biggest problem of all is to understand how your bowling ball is going to rotate and how fast it’s going to move, once you can control this, it will be very easy for you to get the bowling ball to hit the pins. Some bowling alleys will require you to move and control your bowling ball as it moves along the alley, if you fail to do so, your ball may end up falling off the alley and you'll end up with no points on your scorecard. As any bowling game the main goal of Gutter ball 2 is to get the closest score to 300 as possible, but it certainly has never been as fun. Gutter ball 2 is a special bowling game for those looking for something out of the ordinary.


Extremely good game.