HDD Regenarator Review

Recovery of hard disk data takes a lot of time

Submitted by lesreb on Thu, 2011-09-01 14:26.
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Chances of data recovery are very high because of the detailed sector by sector analysis of the corrupted bad hard disk .
Hard disk data recovery takes a lot of time .

I used HDD Regenerator to try to recover data from two external western digital 250 GB Hard Disks having bad sectors. The program successfully identified the corrupted hard disk but since it scans and repairs the disk sector by sector, it took a huge amount of time.

On one external hard disk, I was recovering using the scan and repair option of HDD Regenerator software it showed the bad sectors detected one by one. I interrupted the recovery because it would take a lot of time .On another external hard disk that I tried to recover it showed the bad sector detected and then immediately it tried to regenerate the sector and showed below both the bad sectors and the regenerated sectors. I interrupted this recovery also because of the amount of time it would take.

Since I would have to keep my laptop running continuously for maybe two days or more for Hdd Regenerator to read each sector and to do the sector regeneration for me to recover the hard disk data I chose another recovery software, which worked quicker. Within 3 hours, I was able to recover all my data.

Hence, in cases where the recovery of hard disk data is very urgent Hdd Regenerator is not the solution for your problem.


If the recovery of your hard disk data is very urgent check out other quicker recovery softwares . Otherwise you may end up spending a lot of time with HDD Regenerator and your urgent work will suffer .