Word Up Review

Let your brain play a little!

Submitted by saifumonms on Wed, 2011-09-07 09:42.
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Interesting and works as a tool for improving your language skills
Game is addictive, little more graphics will be better

Are you searching for a better way to escape from all the tensions of your job, studies or some boring days? Here is an interesting game for you. W-o-r-d-u-p will really impress you. You can play relaxed; still your thinking power gets increased while playing the game.

The game is simple for those who have good vocabulary. It is just like a puzzle game. The game aims to spell as many words as you can. Whenever you spell right words, you will be scoring points. Each scoring is calculated based on length of the word and values of those letters. W-o-r-d-u-p is built in a tricky way. Letters that are rare to be seen in words have more value. Also the game is enriched with interesting sound effects. You can save the game and can be reloaded whenever you need. One of the interesting features of the game is that you can compare your scores with the players’ world wide. Also you have a chance to be the ‘Smartest speller of the day’. The game has 3 modes to select from – ‘action’, ‘arcade’, and finally ‘vanilla swirl’. But I prefer little more graphics for the W-o-r-d-u-p to be perfect. Over all, the game is fun, makes you a competitor and finally can be used as a tool to increase your language and vocabulary skills.


Over all, the game is highly recommended for those who wish to improve their language skills