HDD Regenarator Review

Repair Disk HDD Regenerator

Submitted by pacman1988 on Thu, 2011-09-08 19:17.
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HDD Regenerator is an interesting application designed to retrieve sections of failed hard drives.

Since hard drives consist of magnetic cylinders and reading on their surface performed sequentially, it is possible that, when certain areas are damaged, the path to access some information may not be followed and so the data may not be read.

HDD Regenerator bad sectors or non-magnetized can be properly repaired. This tool ignores the file system on the disk (FAT, NTFS or any other) and scans the physical surface.

HDD Regenerator can be placed on a diskette or CD to boot directly from these devices in DOS.

HDD Regenerator repairs without changing or altering the data on your hard drive.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- Repair of the damaged areas.


Easy and recommended