Advanced WMA Workshop Review

Audio Conversion Tool for Dummies

Submitted by prabha_malpani on Tue, 2007-05-15 12:58.
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Simple, Powerful tool for dummies. No prior technical knowledge required. Speed and Quality of conversion is better.
Support for latest formats including 3GP, AAC, and MPEG4.

I am crazy about various audio systems, including iPods, CD/DVD players, MP3 players, music phones, walkman, etc. I have all of these to ensure that I am never alone, my favourite music is always with me. But I was facing with one strange problem - I needed to buy 4 copies of the same music (in different formats) because none of the music formats supported by these devices are compatible with each other. It was quite frustrating experience - until I bumped across this wonderful piece of miracle - Advanced WMA Workshop.

Honestly, this software has solved almost all of my worries. I can convert almost any format of music to any other format. So I need to purchase only single copy of my favourite music and just convert it! This is simple, cute but equally effective conversion tool. One need not be tech-savvy to use this, but yes, some prior knowledge would be helpful. You just select the source file(s), select the format in which you want to convert into, and GO. It's done in a few seconds! Best thing is that it shows supported audio formats in different colors. So you don't need to remember what all formats are supported by this software.

If you want to convert multiple files, just add them to a batch and GO. It applies default settings (which you can change) and the conversion quality is reasonably good. You can also add / update tags before converting. While converting, it confirms various settings including file destination, format settings, tags, etc. I could convert a MP3 file of 8.2MB to WMA file (6MB) in just 19 seconds! WOW - that is something to die for.

But I would like to offer a few caveats before you jump in to buy this: Quality needs to be improved - the converted audio is not crystal clear (eventhough the input file was). I will prefer to wait for their next upgrade. Support for some now-a-days popular formats like 3GP, AAC is missing. Also, I feel there should be a provision to add sound effects (as many other audio tools have) to make it one-stop-shop as a complete audio tool. Also, using Help was a little disappointing - there is a need for better designed, easy to use Help (I strongly believe that one should refer format of Help of any of Microsoft's offerings, it is more than excellent!).


It's the best bargain (Value for money). Go For It!