HDD Regenarator Review

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Submitted by boroth tiev on Sat, 2011-09-10 07:52.
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The lowest price: 53.95$
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The software seems to honestly try its best at finding bad sectors and register them in the internal bad sector table of the hard drive.It does do an okay job in some cases, meaning that data can actually be recovered and hard drives can actually be used again after being "repaired" by HDDRegenarator. Straight-forward instructions, Works with any file system(NTFS/FAT32/etc), Physically fixes the hard drive.Easy and simple to use - 2. Easy to resume or pinpoint the recovery operation,because you could enter MB not percentage or sectors like SpinRite - 3. Very Fast - 4. It recovered data from all bad sectors in my case.
The results are *very* random... It might not find any bad sector at all when there are thousands of them for sure. You cannot know for sure if you can use your hard drive safely afterwards. - It does not "fix" bad sectors, this is a lie. It only tells the hard drive to register those bad sector and exclude them from space to be used. A tad too slow, Not visually appealing, Does not have much of a GUI. Wouldn't fully repair my " terminally ill " HDD but it was to be expected - 2. A bit expensive but worth every penny of it.

I figured I had nothing to lose trying HDDRegenarator (maybe 60 bucks?). On the 1.5TB, HDDRegenarator detects 300+ bad sectors, and tells me that it successfully fixed them... I'm sure it helped... But it's clearly not perfect because the WD WinDLG Diagnostic tool still cannot perform an extended test without failure. Now the the error code returned by the Western Digital tool is unknown: "08-". It still failed.No need to worry about all these because HDD Regenerator is here to help us all out.
This intellectually built software recovers all your lost data from those Bad Sectors and fixes those areas. Let us not get into the complicated details of the working mechanism of the software becaus this has a very intricate program running behind it which will do nothing but confuse us normal people!
I would highly recommend HDD Regenerator as the best consumer tool to recover data from faulty HDD, but just a friendly advise for those who are thinking about using it, which is : The repair of bad sectors on my Maxtor HDD only lasted for a while, as soon as I had finished backing up, the bad sectors were back again, not all of them but many.


HDD regenerator is the application that can help us to improve or maintain your hard drive, will provide considerable benefits and priced accordingly. Finally, in my opinion, this is a wonderful disk management software that every computer user must have.