NETObserve Review

NETObserve Software Review

Submitted by sayedhasan on Fri, 2011-09-23 06:38.
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While there are other powerful surveillance software and administration software packages out there, NETObserve beutifully mends both administration and surveillance features together, making this software very appealing to businesses who are concerned with optimum security.
It is a surveillance and administration software only, does not do this software justice either, as it is packed with security features, like the ablility to perform network diagnotics, add file sharing restriction and password protection, and the list goes on.

NETObserve is a sleek, powerful remote administration and monitoring solution for home and business environments. NETObserve allows you to remotely connect to a PC (inside or outside a network) and moderate, administrate, and monitor the machine's activity. NETObserve's remote administration features include file system browsing, file transferring, registry key editing, startup process moderating, favorite place viewing, open port and connection records, real-time access and moderating of windows, processes, desktop, and more! NETObserve also offers a plethora of remote real-time monitoring features, such as recording chats and instant messages, websites, keystrokes, printed documents, documents viewed and accessed, screen shots, webcam activity, and more!


NETObserve is periodically updated by FileCluster but you may encounter situations when the software informations are slightly out-of-date, the producers of NETObserve can modify the product without notifying us. NETObserve 2.9 is currently the last updated version of the software. All rights for NETObserve are belong to the developer, ExploreAnywhere Software LLC.