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Youdagames: Learn To Fly 2

Submitted by cuinthecourt on Fri, 2011-09-23 15:44.
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* fun to play * nice quality of sound and graphics * last in time
* annoying small pop up windows down in right corner

Games with a storyline have always an emotional affect to the player, so the games that has a continue have to be very promising. In this case, the developer wins deservedly the respect and love of it's players.

All started with an attempt of a penguin to fly. During his attempt he gets injured by hitting an iceberg . .
and this is where "learn to fly 2" takes part, helping the brave penguin through his second strategy journey to fly.

Learn 2 Fly has three game playing modes: Story mode, classic mode and arcade mode.
The penguin's flying after gliding from a ramp. What you do next is to keep steady the flying penguin up in the air until he reach a target, that must be destroyed. By the end of each turn, you earn money depending on the distance, altitude, duration, max speed, and destruction of the targets. You gain some extra cash by the completion of some challenges available in each time you fly to destroy each target. The money can be spend on upgrades like ramp length, ramp height, load of fuel, type of sleigh, glider, booster, and payload.
What is cool now, is that you earn bonus points by winning a variety of medals by completing some tasks. Bonus points can be converted to some cool, special upgrades. Another cool thing about this game is that you have the ability to continue collecting the medals or taking the chalenges even after the completion of the story mode. This boost the interest and the game last longer. Also need to point that there are some tips on how to achieve best flight, and that you have the ability of choosing music taste you like.

Differences of game play modes:
Classic mode: Just trying to go as far as you can.
Arcade mode: You pick one of three budget available, and the whole idea is to modify the best flight you can.
Story mode: You have to destroy the obstacles of Snowman, Snowmound, Rocky hill, Iceberg and "The Wall".
All game modes has a save feature, and a good option menu.


A quite refreshing and entertaining strategy game, that you can barely be bored of. The developer left the option of creating LTF3 open, so we can't do nothing but wait.