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Infix Pro

Submitted by borowest on Sat, 2011-09-24 22:31.
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1.Elaborate Help Support 2.Low Learning curve 3.Easy to Navigate 5.Microsoft office application emulation themes (Easily Customised)to suit personal preference
1.lacks a Option for previewing edited document before printing or exporting.

infix Pro is a stupendous pdf editor with a number of handy features i.e.water mark element, OCR ,security encryption(40 bit,128bit) and text modification options under the tools menu.

A remarkable feature to note is the simplified and easy graphical user interface with standard Microsoft office application theme color options.

infix pro consists of a file export facility to convert to other document formats such as jpeg,TIFF,PNG and HTML in comparison to other PDF editors available on the market.

Installation wizard is quick and straight forward to customize by even a basic computer user
Infix Pro can be installed as a virtual printer making it easier to convert and print edited document.

Infix Pro is capable of associating Pdf file extension a feature that functions same way from other pdf readers.


Infix Pro is an excellent application with outstanding features whose cost is worthy,online Help support is availble and elaborate.