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Youdagames: Park a Lot

Submitted by cuinthecourt on Mon, 2011-09-26 22:02.
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* you can practise while reading the instructions
* repetitive * poor settings * awful sound and graphics * frustrating

You wait for clients to trust you their cars. You park them, and you drive them back to their owners as soon as they return. It is crucial to remember whose car belongs to. It is good to have a look on the time meter. You earn some, by every time you deliver a car, but you lose time each time you bump a car, have cars in awaiting, or use the car removal tool. While playing you can see the number of the cars you delivered, and in which swift you car is at the moment you drive.

The controls are quite simple in understanding, but not so easy in practise. You use the traditional arrow keys to move, backspace for handbrake and backspace to get out of the car.

There are three levels. On level one, the goal is ten cars, on level two is fourteen cars. I do not know the goal for the third level since i didn't manage to get so far.


A low profile game, in which you do nothing more but parking cars.